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Welcome to TrackAddicts!   PDF  Print  E-mail
Written by Mr. TrackAddicts  
Saturday, 24 January 2004

We've talked about it for months -- now it's finally here (almost)!  TrackAddicts is a regionally-based club for grassroots road racing, autocross and rally enthusiasts in the states of Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kentucky and West Virginia.  If you're ready to do more than just hold on to the steering wheel and stab the gas pedal, this is the place for you!

The goal of TrackAddicts is to create an environment where ideas and knowledge can be exchanged, resources can be shared, and novices can be encouraged.  Bascially, we're here to help each other enjoy a particular facet of motorsports that we all love -- and perhaps are more than a little bit addicted to!

In recent years, it's become more and more common for various tracks and racing sanctioning bodies to open up their gates to ordinary street cars and their owners.  This affords us a fantastic opportunity to develop skills in a sport that in years past was prohibitively expensive to participate in.  Low cost track days also give us an excellent way to show people who have not gotten the bug yet what all the fuss is about.  Once they've hit the track for the first time, they'll never look back!

TrackAddicts will be a club with regular membership dues and elected officers.  For the first year, in order to get the club up and running, I will go ahead and appoint the first group of officers and set the dues at a very reasonable $5. 

TrackAddict membership benefits:

  • Discounts at NASA and other track days, as negotiated by TrackAddicts
  • Discounts at supporting vendors 
  • Web space at TrackAddicts for a home page or photos 
  • email address 
  • Access to private members area of forums 
  • Listing in TrackAddicts member profiles
  • Right to participate in TrackAddicts lap time competitions
  • Voting rights in club elections
  • Eligibility to hold club office 
  • Knowing that you are part of this elite crew!

More Website Features Coming Soon

We have a lot of very cool features planned for this site.  Among the hottest are: event calendars and countdowns to track events, fastest lap time lists for various regional tracks, track maps, technical articles, discussion forum, Paypal dues payment, daily racing news from the world of CART, F1, and WRC, and much much more.  Keep checking back to see our latest progress!


Please feel free to email me with any suggestions you have for the site or the club:
admin (at) 


Last Updated ( Friday, 30 January 2004 )
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